Zoloft Lawsuit & Birth Defect Information

Before you begin preparing for a Zoloft lawsuit, you should understand more about the drug Zoloft. It was produced by Pfizer Inc. and is one of the many anti-depressants known as SSRIs. Proven to be connected to causing developmental birth defects and PPHN in newborn babies of expectant mothers taking the medication, severe withdrawal symptoms in its users when discontinued, increasing rate of suicide in adults and children, and increasing risk of bone loss for older patients, Zoloft manufacturers have been faced with huge Zoloft lawsuits in the past few years. Plaintiffs have sought compensation for the suicide, injury, pain, withdrawal symptoms, and other damage caused to infants and mothers that were not warned by Pfizer Inc. of its side effects before taking it.

Due to warnings with regards to suicide dangers on anti-depressants having been in place for a while now, many doctors prescribing medicines like Zoloft are aware of risks involved. In the future, it is likely to become difficult to bring in Zoloft lawsuit cases against manufacturers of the drug for attempts to suicide post warnings being put in place. However, it could still be possible to sue your doctor for the drug’s prescription or inadequate monitoring of patients for tendencies of suicide.

In recent years, there have also been many linkups of Zoloft with birth defects and delivery complications. The anti-depressant is an SSRI or selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor which raises risks of child birth with defects greatly if consumed in pregnancy, especially in the 3rd trimester. Along with several other anti-depressants, Zoloft use in pregnancy has been connected to PPHN and many other kinds of birth defects. Today, thousands of people affected by Pfizer negligence are pursuing Zoloft lawsuit cases in courts all over America.

Birth Defects from Zoloft

Many different kinds of birth defects in newborns have been linked with use of anti-depressants like Zoloft during pregnancy. That includes:
• Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of Newborn – PPHN
• Atrial Septal Defect – ASD
• Transposition of Great Arteries
• Tetralogy of Fallot
• Hypoplastic Left-Heart Syndrome
• Hypoplastic Right-Heart Syndrome

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Together with risks of birth defects in pregnancy due to Zoloft, there are other harmful side effects on the patient taking the anti-depressants. In Zoloft lawsuit items, it has been linked to suicidal tendencies, hostility, violence, psychological instability. Also, taking it in combination with certain other medicines is known to cause serious side effects and injuries, some of which can be deadly.

Zoloft Lawsuit – Why Should You Sue Pfizer

As a woman that took Zoloft in pregnancy or experienced certain side effects from this drug, it is very important that you get in touch with an attorney to discuss your symptoms and Zoloft lawsuit as soon as possible. Now, this can be difficult and cause great emotional stress on you if you’ve got a child suffering from birth defects because of Zoloft.

However, keep in mind that you owe it to your child and the hundreds of oblivious Zoloft users out there that you file a Zoloft lawsuit against this dirty pharmaceutical corporation, help shed light on their wrongdoings, put an end to such negligence that ruins thousands of innocent peoples’ lives every year, and obtain the financial compensation that might make treatment for your disabled child a bit more bearable.

If you and your child have become victims to Pfizer’s mistakes and negligence, submit your Zoloft lawsuit case for free evaluation for eligibility today and schedule a meeting with one of our experienced Zoloft lawyers today to discuss the Zoloft lawsuit cases available to you.

The FDA & Zoloft

FDA has issued public health advisories warning health care professionals and consumers both about link-ups of Zoloft to severe birth defects in pregnancy that may even be life-threatening. However, the FDA has not officially estimated the percentage of children and women at likely risk. It is certain that this is going to be a very figure as over 30 million prescriptions of Zoloft are being filled in every single year since its introduction.

Dangers of the difficult side effects and birth defects in infants caused by Zoloft are yet to be admitted by Pfizer, in spite of hundreds of Zoloft lawsuit cases piling up in US courts as every month passes. The companies themselves have sought to defend themselves vigorously and not warn the public or doctors about potential dangers clearly yet, in spite of dispute and accusations being made for over 5 years now against them. Although there are a number of anti-depressants facing similar lawsuits, Paxil is the most publicized one by far. Since the first lawsuit against Paxil was filed back in 2006 when an infant was born with severe lung conditions and PPHN after the mother took Paxil, thousands of cases have been filed and won against its manufacturers. This study in 2006 also linked increased PPHN risks to Zoloft.

Critics claim that Pfizer are also making strong efforts to hide information about anti-depressant effectiveness from the public and doctors in efforts to keep the pregnant in society and other people taking the medicine despite its risks simply to maximise their profits. That is likely to raise responsibilities of Pfizer for harms that result from Zoloft use and the repercussion compensation they have to pay as well in Zoloft lawsuit cases.

Filing Your Zoloft Lawsuit

If you have taken Zoloft in pregnancy and have given birth to a child that suffers from one or more of the above birth defects, you may be eligible to file a Zoloft lawsuit against manufacturers of this medication and obtain substantial suitable financial compensation. Submit your case for a free no-obligation evaluation through our form on the right. One of our highly experienced and helpful Zoloft attorneys will get in touch with you within 2 business days with an in-depth evaluation for your eligibility, potential compensation amounts, and the next steps.

Remember, it is your child’s right that you punish the wrong-doers whose negligence has given your innocent child a condition that will cause them pain and suffering for life through that Zoloft lawsuit. The financial compensation will never be enough to compensate for that, but at least you can get financial support with helping treat your child. Our lawyers are hard-working, reliable, and honest lawyers with a proven track record in winning Zoloft lawsuit settlements. We will take care of every step from filing of the Zoloft lawsuit to explaining the kind of compensation available for your family. However, the time for filing a Zoloft lawsuit claim is restricted. So, stake your claim on your Zoloft lawsuit as soon as possible. Fill out the form above or call 1-888-448-5757 to see if you qualify.